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Diagnosis Article Appraisal Guide

Questions to Ask Yourself

Are the results valid?

1.Was there an independent, blind comparison with a reference standard?

blue arrowIs reference standard used acceptable?

blue arrowWere both reference standard and test under study applied to all patients?

2. Did the patient sample include an appropriate range of patients to whom the test will be applied?

What are the results?

1. What are the likelihood ratios for the test results?

Centre for Evidence Based Practice-Calculating and Interpreting Likelihood Ratios


Will the results help me in patient care?

1.Will the test be reproducible and well interpreted in my practice setting?


2. Are the results applicable to my patients?

blue arrowSimilar distribution of disease severity?
blue arrowSimilar distribution of competing diseases?
blue arrowCompelling reasons why the results should not be applied?


3. Will the test results change my management?

blue arrowTest and treatment thresholds?
blue arrowHigh or low LR's?


4. Will my patients be better off because of the test?

blue arrowIs target disorder dangerous if left undiagnosed?
blue arrowIs test risk acceptable?
blue arrowDoes effective treatment exist?
blue arrowWill information from test lead to change of management beneficial to patient