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Gold standard Positive (condition present)
Gold standard Negative (condition not present)
Test result Positive
True Positive
False Positive
Test result Negative
False Negative
True Negative


Stable Properties:

Sensitivity = True Positives/(True Positives + False Negatives)

Specificity = True Negatives/(False Positive + True Negative)


Frequency Dependent Properties:

Positive Predictive Value = True Positive/(True Positive + False Positive)

Negative Predictive Value = True Negative/(True Negative + False Negative)


Likelihood Ratios

The likelihood ratio for a test result compares the likelihood of that result in patients with disease to the likelihood of that result in patients without disease:

Condition Present
Condition Absent
Test Positive
Test Negative

Positive LR = (a/a+c)/(b/b+d)
Negative LR = (c/a+c)/(d/b+d)


How much do Likelihood Ratios change disease likelihood?

LRs >10 or <0.1 cause large changes in likelihood.
LRs 5-10 or 0.1-0.2 cause moderate changes.
LRs 2-5 or 0.2-0.5 cause small changes.
LRs between <2 and 0.5 cause little or no change.