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Finding Evidence for Practice

1. "One Stop Shopping"-- TRIP http://www.tripdatabase.com

2. Synthesized Sources

Synthesized sources are collections of the best available evidence to support practice. The information is often distilled into very accessible formats for the clinician.

a. Cochrane Library (Cochrane Reviews, DARE)

b. Clinical Practice Guidelines

i. National Guideline Clearing House http://www.guideline.gov
ii. Prodigy Guidance http://www.prodigy.nhs.uk

c. Point of Care Resources (Collections of Questions and Answers)

i. ACP Pier
ii. Clinical Evidence
iii. InfoPOEMS (via CMA)
iv. BestBETS
v. Dynamed

d. TextBooks

i. E-Medicine
ii. Other Textbooks-- many textbooks are online; some are in sets such as STAT!Ref, MS Consult, Access Medicine and Books@Ovid, check these resources for explicit references and check the references for clinical research
iii. UpToDate-- personal subscription required

e. Bandolier http://jr2.ox.ac.uk/bandolier

Both succinct systematic reviews on clinical topics and an excellent source of clearly written information on evidence-based medicine, medical statistics, etc.

3. Filtered Sources

Filtered sources are sources whose contents have been pre-selected or pre-appraised for their quality.

a. Cochrane Registry of Controlled Trials (in Cochrane Library)

b. Evidence-based Medicine--expansion of ACP Journal CLub to include peds, surgery, o & g, etc.

4. Unfiltered Sources

Unfiltered sources are large databases of articles that have not been preescreened for quality. The searcher must filter out the results that do not meet their requirements using either specific vocabulary terms of pre-formulated searches or terms by the database.

a. Medline (PubMed)

b. Google Scholar http://scholar.google.com/--LAST RESORT!

c. Scopus-- broad journal coverage, plus web searching and patents

d. Web of Science-- citation searching

Filtering Unfiltered Sources

a. Medline-- Clincial Queries available under "more limits"
b. Pubmed Clinical Queries
c. Google Scholar-- only filtered for sources, not quality; no EBM filter available

5. Drug Information

a. E-therapeutics+

b. Medicines Complete

6. Journal Citation Reports

Impact factors, journal ranking within discipline and specialties-- part of Web of Science